from homehome office or playground aboard a tiny ebike that folds in a flash is heping a lot

While modern transportation has made it easy to move from point A to point B, it’s only effective as long as the distance is long.but is there really an easy way to move just a couple miles like 1 or 2 km for example in a congested city? Between clogged streets and delayed trains, the answer has historically been “no.” Here to amend that answer is HIghwing pedal assisted ebike or real folding bike, a last-mile transportation solution. The highwing electric is a lightweight two-wheeled folding bike designed by Highwing group Limited. with the urban commuter in mind. Sure, you beat rush hour traffic on a bike or a motorized scooter, but when it comes to actually storing these vehicles indoors, you might have more of a problem., neither a bike nor a scooter,but Highwing eletric bike is helping to resolve these problems .the good side that help most is that when most of scotter run out of electric power there is still pedel which help to stablize the riding as well ride when needed .at least that would be much better when you found your legs can step on with phicology saftiy as normal bike that is important which is more than 200 years of history proved the bicycle style ebike is most reasonble for comfortable riding. I really love the experience when riding such electric folding bicycle to the basketball playground which is 2 km away while for far too short but for by walking too far away the below picture is when I go to play basketball in the morning while gatekeeper stops me for bicycle entering .i fold it up and they leet me in .that is awesome.