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How to pay annual fees for patents in various countries——Take Folding bicycle(Highwing Bike) as an example to explain

Recently, the patents of our company's folding bicycle, Highwing Bike, all need to renew the annual fee. It was done by an agency before. I have nothing to do. I compared the agency's fee and the actual need to pay. I found that the agency fees are still relatively expensive, so I decided to pay various annual fees myself, which really saved a lot of agency fees. The following is the payment method that I finally found after a lot of exploration. It is really a headache to read the English and Japanese website. Fortunately, it can be translated~1. Payment of annual patent fees in the UK Payment of annual patent fees in Japan U.S. Patent Annual Fee Payment It...

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The most convenient and compact folding bike

There are several states of the folding bicycle named Highwing Bike, which can definitely be bent and stretched. When needed, unfold it from the corner to ride, and put it in the corner when not in use! The Highwing Bike uses an aluminum alloy frame, which folds compactly and does not take up space. After being folded, it can be dragged like a suitcase, which is really convenient!

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