How to lose the fat on your stomach

How to lose the fat on your stomach

There are different opinions on how to reduce the problem of fat on the stomach. In fact, many methods are not only useless but also cause harm to the body. It’s not easy to lose the meat on your stomach, not just doing abdominal exercise. Let’s follow us and really get rid of the “swim ring”.

Method1Guarantee normal metabolism

1Guarantee to eat breakfast on time. You may feel that if I want to lose weight, why should I eat it? But scientific research shows that eating breakfast within 1 hour after getting up can keep insulin stable and reduce the amount of LDL-cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol)

  • Try to eat breakfast at the same time every day. If you like to sleep late on weekends, then eat breakfast immediately after bed.
  • A healthy breakfast should be rich in high protein and high cellulose foods. (such as eggs, peanut butter, fruits, and vegetables), it takes more time to digest high-protein and high-cellulose foods than refined sugars and carbohydrates, and it won’t make you feel hungry easily.
  • Try to avoid adding sugary cereals, waffles, sugar cakes, French toast, desserts, instant cereals, and other foods like breakfast. If you must ingest refined sugars, be sure to add some protein and fiber to balance your diet.

2relieve pressure. Scientific research has shown that cortisol, a hormone that people secrete when faced with stress, can cause an increase in fat on the stomach.  A good way to reduce daily pressure:

  • Normal adults need at least 7 hours of sleep a day to keep their functions functioning.
  • Make relaxation time. Even if you just relax for 15 minutes after lunch, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Trying not to think about those trivial things is helpful.
  • Keep the pressure away from the sleeping environment. If possible, don’t work in the bedroom or do anything that makes you feel stressed. When you enter the bedroom, tell yourself that I am not thinking about those troubles.

3Take 10,000 steps a day. In one study, if you walk less than 1,500 steps a day (without changing your eating habits), your belly fat will increase by 7% after 2 weeks.

  • Buy a pedometer and gradually increase the number of steps taken each day.
  • Try to climb the stairs without using the elevator. Try not to drive to choose to walk.
  • Walk around every 30 minutes while walking. If you are always sitting while working, buy some equipment that can be used indoors.

4Replace the refined grain with coarse grains. Scientific research shows that people who consume coarse grains (including 5 servings of fruits or vegetables, 3 low-fat dairy products, two lean types of meat or fish) are easier than those who eat refined grains (and ensure that other diets are exactly the same). Lose belly fat. 

  • Cereals can help reduce fat. Diets rich in coarse grains control the role of glucose and insulin in the body and accelerate fat metabolism. Especially for visceral fat that is difficult to burn, it is more effective.
  • Try to avoid fine grains. For example, when eating bread, try to eat whole wheat brown bread instead of finished white bread. It is also a good idea to add a bit of black rice to steamed rice.

5Add enough water. Scientific research shows that getting enough water can speed up metabolism.  Drinking water can also help the body to expel toxins, which is good for the body.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Bring a kettle with you and drink water once you are thirsty.
  • The way to determine if drinking water is enough is to check the color of the urine.If it is yellow, it means you need to drink more water until the urine is lighter.

Method2 Sports fat burning

Grouping for high-intensity exercise. Studies have shown that rest in a few minutes of intense exercise or grouped for more intense exercise, can increase muscle and endurance more effectively than traditional exercise. 

  • sprint. Try your best to run for 20 seconds and then go for 20 seconds after you feel normal breathing. Go faster. This lasts 10 minutes.
  • Set the group motion mode. Most aerobic exercise equipment, such as bicycles and elliptical machines, have group exercise modes that can help you get the best results.
  • Go fast. At work break, walk for 5 minutes. Take a big step and speed up when you are going. In addition, climbing stairs is also a good choice.
  • particularly cycling is most convenient and enjoyable way to lose the weight if you can put a Highwing bike to your trunk many pcs also you can enjoy together with all your families together.

2Donot do sit-ups again. The effect of sit-ups is to increase muscles, but before you increase your muscles, you need to subtract the fat from your abdomen. In fact, sit-ups increase the mass of muscles, but it will make your stomach look bigger. You should use the following methods to concentrate on core muscles instead of sit-ups:

  • Flat type: When making a flat type, support your body with your elbows, keep your body flat, do not bend your hips or arch back, and look at the ground. At this time, try to tighten the abdominal muscles and close to the back. If you can, stick to this position until you can’t continue. If you find it difficult at first, you can use your knee support. You can set a group of 30 seconds and do 3-5 sets each time.
  • Squat: The feet are separated from the shoulders, and the arms are stretched forward, and they are not able to squat until they can no longer squat. Do 4 groups of squats, each group 15-20 times.
  • Stretch the waist. Stand straight, feet apart and hip width. Place your right hand on your right hip and straighten your left arm, palm to the right, keep your legs still, tilt your body to the right, stretch your left waist, and feel your left hand extend infinitely. Do 3-5 sets on each side.

3 Burn calories. Aerobic exercise can increase heart rate, speed up burning calories, and help reduce body fat. It is impossible to do some abdominal exercise to lose the fat on the stomach, but when you do aerobic exercise, the first thing you consume is the fat in your abdomen. 

  • Record the time of the exercise. Record how long it takes to run 1000 meters. As endurance increases, you will spend less and less time.
  • Overcome calf pain during running. If you have pain on the front side of your calf while running, it may be due to the body leaning forward. (That is, you put the center of gravity too much on the outside of your feet when you are in the foot.) Choosing professional sneakers can help you relieve the pain.
  • Do not exercise excessively. When you start aerobic exercise, please do it 3 times a week. When you get used to it, you can increase it to 4 times a week. Excessive aerobic exercise can lead to muscle loss and muscle damage.
  • Highwing bike of cycling is the best and happiest way to lose weight by burning your calories anytime anywhere, eighter at home or at your office or outside .people love the cycling because that help to release the strength which will increase your fat.
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