bicycle can be beautiful art or be family member

Life-Size Sculptures Made of Bicycle Chains Express Powerful Human Emotions and bicycle actually a transformer

South Korean artist Mr.Yong Deok Seo uses the unlikely some item of bicycle particularly chains as a way to craft realistic art piece like the human body.


it is so beautiful that the is eye-opened and the bicycle chain can be an art piece

At the same time another bicycle which is also a bicycle, but also an art piece but not known yet which made as a transformer, that is Highwing bike. Highwing bike got the created idea from the transformer and made the bicycle becoming a transformer. 



At first glance, it looks like a kid or baby sitting in the car. But it is a bike but a mantis bike, isn't that cute?

The creator Highwing bike said, nowadays following the traffic jam is more and more severe and when the pollution becomes a global problem, it is a very great idea to make the people in love with the bicycle. And it is also essential to make sure the bike can be lovely and adorable.

if it is so small then is that for an adult?

for sure .the Highwing bike said, it is specially designed for the adult to the kids .its lovely image also cause lots of kids to love the image of cartoon Kungfu Mantis.which is in the same movie of Kungfu panda.

here are also some image for the family 


the Highwing bike looks like a family member but so small that it will not even make the people feel any iron made of reaction .it is art also even placed in the office or even at home 

even in the most crowded city like new york, it also is the most effect commuting tool or exercises anytime while it is so small that can be carried anywhere.


While asked about the speed. Highwing bike told us: many people have the first reaction that it would be prolonged .but actually it is the fastest bicycle even than the other bicycle. the human mind will relative the speed to the wheel while most of the vendor will tell the people that bigger bike better bike but which is the only kind of phycology potential but not the real truth

so if any people interested in the bicycle, please click on the link for shopping .not for the bike but for the art which looks like the mantis transformer 






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