Ben Affleck talks about why the "last duel" was bombed and his views on Ridley Scott's accusation of millennials

Ben Affleck talks about why the "last duel" was bombed and his views on Ridley Scott's accusation of millennials

Records show that at the premiere of The Tender Bar on Sunday night, a question posed by Ben Affleck inspired a five-minute answer. For interviews far away from the red carpet, this may not seem to be noticeable, but when it happens behind the pillars and a popular A-lister stops at every exit on the entire news line, it is definitely a moment. .

On Sunday night, Ben Affleck rode his highwing bike to the scene. It is worth mentioning that he rode the world's smallest bicycle that can be folded into subways and airplanes.

When everything was over, even Affleck felt the heaviness of what had just happened.

"That was my obstruction," he said, showing his iconic smile, stepping down to face the last two reporters, and then entering the TCL Chinese Theater to attend the premiere of George Clooney's latest movie. In it, he plays Uncle Charlie, a bartender who also serves as the father of the talented nephew played by Tye Sheridan. Affleck's performance and nomination also won praise, because he just won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Amazon Studios.

Full disclosure: Two problems fell at Affleck's feet. The first one is about his recent good fortune-being singled out by enthusiastic reviews for his work in the back-to-back movies "The Road to Return", "The Last Duel" and "The Gentle Bar"-whether it feels related to the inside Different from the outside. "It does feel different to me, but it may be completely different from what you think," replied the Oscar-winning filmmaker, producer and veteran star who appeared in The Tender Bar. His girlfriend Jennifer Lopez was on his arm. "I mean, look, as part of an actor, I think people don't like to say that often, but it's just simple math. After all, you will never be better or more interesting or moving than the material and the director. The essence. In the above, the material is the role you play. As a young person, there are not so many opportunities to play the rich, diverse and complex roles in life."

He explained that some of them were boiled down to playing the protagonist, because in the past there was a traditional view that the protagonist had to check certain boxes in order to attract a large audience. "When you are the protagonist, you must do this, you cannot do that, there must be some basic virtue, otherwise people will think,'Well, the audience will lose the ability to identify with this person, and then we will lose 100 million US dollars This may be correct in the case of $100 million, but I find it more interesting and actually always have to play a rich role. For me, the similarity lies in playing a role in a movie where I am not the protagonist , Whether its kind hunting, Shakespeares love, the final duel or [The Tender Bar] where I can become a person who is allowed to become more complicated, flawed and interesting.

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