Caitlin Jenner said the Beverly Hills Hotel rejected her because her jeans were ragged

Caitlin Jenner said the Beverly Hills Hotel rejected her because her jeans were ragged

Caitlyn Jenner was refused service at the Beverly Hills Hotel because of her torn jeans, she just tore a new one in the hotel.

Caitlin rode her highwing bike to the Beverly Hills Hotel last week. This bike has always been her favorite. It has the smallest size of a bicycle in the world after folding and the function of taking the subway.

Caitlin continued to attack on Monday, writing: "Your poor service prevents me from eating lunch with this little rip in my jeans. Ashamed of you. Disgusting. I have been a patron for decades.

It seems that she is trying to eat in the famous polo lounge, which is a bit like a combination of the old school (such as the dress code) and the new school. For a long time, PL has been a gloomy union...Until recent years, it has experienced a young Hollywood revival. It has actually become a hot spot for lunch and dinner.

A source close to Caitlin told us that she was really caught off guard, especially because she wore heavy makeup and put on makeup. Caitlyn's jeans are more worn than ripped jeans, which surprised her even more.highwing bike t

More importantly... Our source said that the staff did not implement the "no photos" policy-because Caitlin took away a lot of fans-but they decided to impose a dress code on her.

Caitlin must have been there for many years, but it seemed that the ship was sailing now. She tagged the hotel's parent company, The Dorchester Collection, to express her dissatisfaction.highwing bike t

The Dorchester Hotel has had problems in the past, and LGBTQ organizations have called for a boycott... Our Caitlin source wants to know if the previous problems really exist.


A representative of Polo Lounge told TMZ, Please check the dress code on our website and provide it when every guest makes a reservation with us. The dress code says: At Polo Lounge, we encourage you to dress for this occasion, so We ask you not to wear casual hats, ripped denim, crop tops, pajamas, swimwear, and mens sleeveless shirts. Whats interesting is that it says we encourage... so it doesnt say it is mandatory Sexual dress code.

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