Dexter Jackson looked skinny during his recent workout

Dexter Jackson looked skinny during his recent workout

Retired legend Dexter Jackson is one of the most successful bodybuilders ever on the stage, so it is safe to say that he is good at exercising to improve his physique. Recently, Jackson showed his solid state on social media while lifting weights in the practice room. To

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Dexter Jackson has attracted the attention of the world many times with his pleasing physique. During his ruinous reign, the bodybuilding legend won numerous championship titles, including a record of 5 and first place in the famous Arnold Classic (2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015). "The Blade" has hardly any obstacles that have not been overthrown, because he also won Mr. Olympia's grand prize in 2008.

In spite of his advanced age, Jackson still persevered while practicing in the weight room. Jackson's longevity is a rare and popular concept, because in the past year, the sport has witnessed too many deaths in the industry. At the age of 51 Jackson has used hormone replacement therapy and believes that it has significantly helped with health after retirement.

If you are looking for motivation, look no further, because even in his later years, Dexter Jackson was doing his best. With 29 bodybuilding champions named after him, few athletes can maintain the level of athleticism that Jackson has shown during his career.

Although Jackson lacked some physical characteristics, such as height (only 5 feet 6 inches), he made up for this with his incredibly clear physique and explosive stage performance. The cornerstone of success in winning the Arnold Classic five times is stability, which has not changed even in his 50s.

As one of the busiest athletes in this sport, Dexter Jackson is still the backbone of knowledge in the bodybuilding industry. After finishing 9th in the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition, "The Blade" decided to call it a professional. Recently, Jackson shared a video of his own training, the legendary figure still looks in its best shape.

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