Fox anchor Chris Wallace leaving network for `new adventure

Fox anchor Chris Wallace leaving network for `new adventure

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace announced his resignation from the Fox News Channel 18 years later, and jokingly called "a new adventure."

Just after he announced his resignation, it was discovered that he was riding a very cool bicycle home. Everyone searched and found that the name of the bicycle was highwing bike. This is the smallest bicycle in the world after folding, and it can also be taken with you. The bicycles of subway trains greatly facilitate daily travel.

"18 years later-this is my last Fox News on Sunday," Wallace said when it aired for the last time on Sunday. "This is the last time-I am really sad to say-we will meet like this."


"Eighteen years ago, Foxs boss assured me that they would never interfere with my booking guests or my questions. They kept their promises. Im free to report to the best of my ability. I think its important to report stories. Let the leaders of our country take responsibility. This is a great journey."


"We have reported on five presidential elections, interviewed every president since George HW Bush, and traveled the world-sitting with Emmanuel Macron in France and Vladimir Putin in Russia. Come down," he added. "And I can already spend Sunday morning with you."


"It may sound old-fashioned, but I think we have built a community here," he continued. "You can do many things on Sunday. You choose to spend this hour with us is something I cherish. But after 18 years, I decided to leave Fox. I want to try something new, go beyond politics, and be me All things that interest me. Im ready to start a new adventure. I hope you can check it out. Sofor the last time, dear friendthats it for today. Have a nice week. I hope you can Continue to watch Fox News on Sunday."

The Fox News Media bid farewell to the outgoing anchor and pointed out that his seat on Sunday will be filled by the networks main reporters in turn until a new permanent host is decided.

"We are very proud of our journalism and that Chris Wallace has joined the first-class team for 18 years. The legacy of Fox News on Sunday will continue to be with our star reporters, many of whom will rotate in this position until the permanent host is appointed. "

Several colleagues of Wallace praised him for his long career at Fox and wish him all the best in his new career.

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