Giving kids a better Merry Christmas-Bikes from Highwing is a mantis actually

when chrismas is coming ,what to give kids as gift ?that is a question

As parents ,that is a headache

1.should be cool.

2.should be needed and funtional;

3.should be new;

4.should be special;

5.should be good price;

6.should be helpful for healthy or better improvment for future if there is ;

7.should be eyes-opened;

8.never let kids think of a little bit relative to porn,drugs,acohol,killing ....never .never nver

what is in mind again ?

Here you are ,that is HIGHWING BIKE-THE MANTIS



yes,that is a cartoon of mantis ,but it is a little transformer.and turn up to be a bike ,please check the

so all your concerned for chrismas is finished,well sleep now...

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