how to lose weight fast:lose in 10 pounds in 10 days(diet+exercise+lifestyle)

 Losing weight may be easier than you think, But some keys are important as following 

1.cut high calories proceed food

2.Consume more proteins

3.Add more appetite reducing food

4.Count your calories

5.add supplements

6.Time to work out your body

7.Drink more water

as exercise is so important as diet.but many people would have time or find it is very difficult to go to gym continuously .but I would like to cycling all the time anytime anywhere,cycling is more easy to go on and on but not boring and easy to insist i bought a smallest folding bike Highwing bike which can put in the backpack as well can be drag like a luggage ,so when put into the trunk, that does not take much space.

at the same time, drinking water will be pretty boring, but I would recommend the green tea which helps to reduce the fat as well .hope these tips helpful for you


How has your self-esteem changed after losing weight

 You'll lose weight, blunt your sugar cravings and enjoy yourself. ... But after a few tries, you'll be surprised how you can own your new positive.


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