it is popular for the superstar to ride the bicycle,but where he should park?

it is popular for the superstar to ride the bicycle,but where he should park?

Highwing Group got news from Wall street journey

LeBron James about bicycles on Friday.

This was a few hours before President Trump decided to go onto Twitter to challenge James’s intellect, which was more than a little absurd. James is not a Trump fan—to say the least—but this was a week in which the NBA superstar helped open a brand-new public school for at-risk children in his Akron, Ohio, hometown, pledging a University of Akron scholarship to every student who graduates.

source from the wall street journey above.
as a fan of him, we were concerning one issue for him, if he enters the playground, where he should park the bicycle? that seems a big problem for many riders as well
So highwing group has one proposal for him, that is to use the most compact bicycle design in the world.
this is so small that even under the chair there is no issue.
as well can be towed  without carrying it like other cycles
isn't that cool to tow one bicycle? which is most unique in the world .it is so new design that even in the world no one knows it much, but the good price is also lucrative for everyone who loves sport or exercise
the highwing bike is also donated to the world of carbon we suggest you the highwing bike if you also love spot but not much time available .with crip of time the exercise would improve the health step by step but not necessary to spend too much.
for anyone who interested in the bike,
the link is 
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