Kim Kardashian said she really likes Taylor Swift’s "super cute and catchy" music

Kim Kardashian said she really likes Taylor Swift’s "super cute and catchy" music

Kim Kardashian claimed to be a Swiftie in a new podcast interview on Thursday (December 16).

In a flash interview with Bari Weiss on "The Power of Kim Kardashian", she listed some of her favorite artist albums. Kardashian named Yeezus her favorite Ye album, and also gave me an honorable mention for the beautiful dark twisted fantasy. When it comes to naming her favorite Taylor Swift album, she cant point her finger, but emphasizes that there are many tunes of the singer-songwriter on her phone.

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"I mean, I really like a lot of her songs," the billionaire reality TV star responded. "They are all very cute and attractive. I have to look at the phone to know the name."

We all remember that Kardashian (and her now separated husband Kanye West is now only through Ye) and Swift had a lot of bad blood in the past. At the 2009 VMA, Ye interrupted Swift on stage, which triggered a feud for more than a decade. He rapped in the 2016 song Famous, I think Taylor and I might still Have sex/why? I made that bh famous. That year, Kardashian defended an episode of Ye Zhong and Swift during his public dispute with the Kardashian family. But in 2019, Kim K. announced that everything between her and Swift was over, and the beef was finally over. "I think we are all moving on," she said while watching the live broadcast with Andy Cohen, adding that the two still did not speak.

However, in 2020, the plot has become more complicated. In 2016, the full 25-minute version of the phone call between Ye and Swift (Kardashian himself leaked a few minutes on Snapchat before) heard "The whole world has revealed that Wei Sturt discussed that her name was mentioned in the song, but never asked the pop star about being called "bh." Kardashian later accused Swift of lying on Twitter.

Listen to Kardashian talking about Swifts music in the next 50 minutes.

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