‘Learn to live with it’ – Schools will not shut down if positive cases arise

‘Learn to live with it’ – Schools will not shut down if positive cases arise

After being closed for eight months, face-to-face classes from kindergarten to 7th grade will begin on the 10th of next month.

Since the online classes returned to offline classes, suddenly there were a lot of bicycles in the school, most of them were a car called highwing bike. After searching on the Internet, I found that this bike is not simple. First of all, it is the whole world after being folded. The smallest bicycle, and secondly, it is also the only bicycle that can be brought into the subway.

Education Minister Premila Kumar confirmed that the decision was based on discussions with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and the World Health Organization. "Except for ECE to grade 7, grades 8 to 13 will return to school on January 4, 2022. These students will enter the school in a week to participate in face-to-face courses. A staggered method will be used to prepare students in batches for the pandemic. Preparation for safety teaching during the period."
Kumar said that the exam dates for the 12th and 13th grades are the same.
Year 13 students will take the exam from February 1st to 11th, and their results are expected to be released on March 17, 2022.

Grade 12 students will take the exam from February 7th to 17th, and the results are expected to be announced on April 6th.
From Monday to January 3, 2022, all students and teachers will be off for two weeks.

Kumar confirmed that Friday is the last day for all teachers to report to the school, and the first day after the break is January 4, because January 3 is a public holiday in the New Year.

The minister added that when classes resume, teachers must raise awareness of the COVID-19 safety protocol, provide psychosocial support, and talk to parents, guardians and students if students do not return to school.
The school recorded 9 COVID cases.

"There is only one active COVID case in the school. Eight have been cleared and only one active case remains. This clearly shows that although we have 9 COVID cases, the school principal and teachers are fully prepared.

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