Manchester City 7-0 Leeds: 5 talking points of Guardiola's team making history with a huge victory

Manchester City 7-0 Leeds: 5 talking points of Guardiola's team making history with a huge victory

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After beating Leeds 7-0 on Tuesday night, Manchester City expanded their lead at the top of the Premier League.

Phil Foden, Jack Grealish, Riyad Mahrez, John Stones, Nathan Ake's goals and Kevin De Bruyne's two goals were enough to allow them to send away their West Yorkshire guests at the Etihad Hotel.

As a result, Guardiola's fabulous team led the second-ranked Liverpool by four points and third-ranked Chelsea by five points.

At the same time, Leeds United was only 5 points higher than Burnley in the relegation zone, and Burnley played two more games.

The following are the talking points of the one-sided night of the Etihad Stadium.

Tuesdays game once again reminded people of how difficult it is for Liverpool or Chelsea to beat Manchester City.

Guardiola's team dominates from start to finish, and it's clear that they won't lose many points this season.

The timing of Leeds United's victory is important. If Manchester Citys champion opponents played first in the week, they could have put pressure on the leaders. Now Liverpool and Chelsea need to beat Newcastle and Everton respectively on Thursday to stay ahead.

Which team will crack first? From now to May, it is expected to be a fascinating championship battle.

Grelish scored his first header in the Premier League, doubling Manchester City's advantage after 13 minutes.

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