Planet ten times the size of Jupiter found orbiting pair of giant stars

Planet ten times the size of Jupiter found orbiting pair of giant stars

Scientists have discovered a huge planet orbiting a pair of huge extremely hot stars. Previously, people thought this environment was too unsuitable for planet formation.

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A research article published in the scientific journal Nature on Wednesday stated that the discovery of the planet "b Centauri (AB)b" or "b Centauri b" refutes the beliefs generally held by astronomers.

The European Southern Observatory wrote: "Until now, no planet has been found around a star three times the mass of the sun." It photographed the planet from the Very Large Telescope in the Chilean desert.

According to Markus Janson, professor of astronomy at Stockholm University, the leader of the study, “it completely changed the perception of massive stars as planetary hosts.”

The "B-type" binary stars are located in the center of the solar system in Centaurus. They are very massive and very hot. The European Southern Observatory stated that it emits a large amount of high-energy ultraviolet and X-ray radiation, which "has a strong impact on the surrounding gas and should hinder the formation of planets."

"B-type stars are generally considered to be extremely destructive and dangerous environments, so people think it should be extremely difficult to form large planets around them," Janssen said at a press conference.

The discovery was described in July and officially published in the journal Nature on Wednesday. The researchers said, "The results show that planets can reside in larger star systems than expected by extrapolation from previous results."

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