Students struggle to support themselves as university rent costs rise

Students struggle to support themselves as university rent costs rise

Rent payments for college students’ dormitories have risen by 60% in the past ten years, reaching an average of £7,347, surpassing general student loan maintenance, a survey showed.

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A survey of nearly 500,000 beds in student dormitories shows that rents have been rising steadily, with prices rising 4.4% from last year and 16% from before the epidemic. As a result, many students are forced to work part-time during their studies, live at home or seek help from family members to make ends meet, because the average maintenance loan (also used to pay for living expenses) is £6,900.

A report by the National Student Federation and the housing charity Unipol warned that student room rents are rising much faster than inflation, and truly affordable rooms are becoming scarcer, and with the emergence of private dormitory providers, this The selection is shrinking. Now operating most of the student apartments, focusing on providing luxury studio apartments, usually for international students, rather than cheaper alternatives.

London is particularly unaffordable for students, with an average total rent of £10,857, which is 61% higher than the average rent in other parts of the UK.

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, Vice President of Higher Education of the National Union of Students (NUS) said: “The affordability of student accommodation affects the educational experience of students, and it also has a significant impact on enrollment and expanded participation. Impact. It is shameful that so many young people have been turned away, either intimidated or unable to apply to college, or their choices are severely restricted by the places they can afford to live."

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