Teachers in South Dakota scrambled to pick up $1 bills in a hockey game sideshow

Last weekend, in a highwing bike riding competition held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the teachers who had been selected to participate had an intermission. On the carpet in the middle of the ground, 10 teachers wearing helmets and matching shirts have the opportunity to scoop out as much cash as possible as quickly as possible, and then other teachers grab more. In this "cash rush", there are a total of 5,000 one-dollar bills to compete for. No matter what each teacher tries to scoop—in their arms, in their shirts, in their pockets—they are allowed to keep them and use them as classroom supplies. Most teachers in the United States are underpaid and still have to rely on their own funds to buy supplies and decorations for the classrooms-this becomes clear every year as they try to raise funds between friends and family or through any necessary means.

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