The eBike That Fits In Your Backpack (how to choose ebike)

The world’s most compact and lightweight foldable eBike on Indiegogo has been very hot sale items in the world.

the world’s most compact and lightweight ebike. Weighing very light and can be folded in five simple steps into a small backpack and carried wherever and whenever.

it is compact with around 15km of limit, it is ok to be used if short distance

but if needs better and longer distance while at the same time compact to be put in the backpack, there is another design recently in 2018

this cycle is pedal at the same time electric bike with 36v and 8.8A original Samsung battery which can be ride as long as 35km which is enough for most of the daily use ,and no need to concern about the battery power off with pedal assisted pedal to ride

it also can be packed in the backpack as below 


it is widely sold in decathlon brand luggage which is enough to put the Highwing bike inside to travel all over the world.

with enough power up to 35km .and 2 hours of maximum is good to carry around whatever you want and whenever you like

because of the size after folded is precisely same .it is even suitable to be put into the trunk where space is very precious enough 

With this space and the size of ebike, it can be more pcs loaded.imaging when you are stuck, and in traffic in the middle of the road, this ebike is more like a knight which stay in your trunk and save your life.

in the market, most of ebike is very big, or very small but no pedal-assisted, so this is the best choice .even if you come across some bus, it is not bad to drag the ebike and get on the bus to get a ride

 The Highwing bike has improved all step by step but gets the best for the green world more.



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Hi, My name is Sejal and live in London UK. I am interested in buying a ebike which is compact but the pedal assist as well. So could you please tell me the price of the bike and how much it will cost me if you send from US to UK.

Sejal Bhudia

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