Tortured to death: Burmese massacre exposed

Tortured to death: Burmese massacre exposed

Witnesses and survivors said that the soldiers (some as young as 17) rounded up the villagers before separating them and killing them. Video footage and images of the incident seem to show that most of the victims were first tortured and buried in shallow graves.

The killing took place in July, among four different incidents in Kani Township, an opposition stronghold in Sagaing County, central Myanmar.

The military government spokesperson did not deny these allegations.

The military seized control of the country in a coup in February and overthrew the democratically elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, so it has been facing civilian resistance.

The BBC interviewed 11 witnesses in Kani and compared their narratives with mobile phone footage and photos collected by Burmese Witnesses, a UK-based non-governmental organization responsible for investigating human rights violations in the country behavior.

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