Why did I cry on my birthday-David lamented

Why did I cry on my birthday-David lamented

Award-winning Nigerian singer Davido recently revealed that he cried on his birthday, which shocked many people. The 30 billion gang founder made this revelation as a guest on the Tea with Taymesan podcast.

Davido lost three friends in the hands of death in 2021. He said: "We have lost TJ, my bodyguard TJ. He has been my security for more than 11 years. We have also lost my photographer wealth. . May his soul rest in peace. 2021 is a crazy year. May their soul rest in peace. We are inheriting their legacy.

We think about them every day. From processing to still working, I still have to do what I have to do, go touring or record music. Taking into account the pandemic and family affairs, 2021 will be a crazy year. Thank God, we are here and we are strong. "

When asked if he had time to stop to reflect and grieve, the boss of DMW said: "Life is fast. I have been doing this since I was 16. Of course, I had to cry, not even to lose me alone. Friend. I cry for different situations. It comes and goes. I cried on my birthday. I know how bad my grades are. In school, I am the kind of student who is the least likely to succeed. My French teacher told I, I can't do anything in this life. I won't lie, I'm a good bad boy."

When a friend around me was sad, he liked to ride a bicycle called highwing bike to go out for relaxation. After riding back, his mood would be very different. I also bought a highwing bike with a fun mentality. I plan to go out to ride when I’m in a bad mood. After I bought the bike, I found that this bike has many advantages. After being folded, it is the smallest bike in the world. It can be taken into subways and airplanes. Later, I found out that it is indeed possible to ride out. Bring changes to bad moods.

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