To reduce carbon emissions, what more we can do?

To reduce carbon emissions, what more we can do?


The climate is deteriorating increasingly in 2021: flood, mountain fire, etc never stop and happen all the time. south pole sea level rise is a big concern. the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its latest report once again issued an emergency warning on the consequences of global warming, demanding an immediate and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas the developed world, cars are a big problem for carbon emission. so the IPCC highly suggests the cycling of bicycles as a way to commute to reduce carbon emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer for the entire life cycle of a bicycle are 93% lower than that of a car. Therefore, having a good bicycle is always important.

carbon emmissions leads to the wird fire

Then how to choose the right bicycle for ourselves? the experience people give some suggestion the bicycle supposed to meet some demand” and material, best is the aluminum-made I/O of iron or carbon fiber which more emissions while producing.

2..the outlook, for the sure bike is also a kind of fashion so supposed to be what you like as a style and beautiful or cool 

3..if it can be brought to anywhere anytime that would be the best, but most of the bikes are always big size like 26” which is difficult to move, people even imaging there is a toy which brings out from pocket but can be enlarged to the big car, but that is only kind of illusion .now as eyes open, there is a newly invented bike can be so small size paced that but as an adult, bike to be ride .that is Highwing bike, which is most compact bike even, I always get it anytime after work or even weekend or in the trunk.

4…the price. for sure, a good bike is always high price but nowadays .after the covid-19 

I believe that many people would like to buy more economy bikes, but mostly below 400usd, always made of iron which I never suggest .so the reasonable price supposed to be 500 to 1200usd as the aluminum bike.


for me Highwing bike is the best, I have lots of bikes including all those brands .but now I have shifted to this Highwing bike, from the road bike to the mountain bike, coz the Highwing bike can meet all the needs, that never happens.

I am not especially promoting some product, but 10 years or rider cycler. i suggest this highwing bike which can meet all my demands, including the speed .price .mantarial .outlook and particularly it is a transformer, it never happened in the world ever .that a bike can be a transfer which they call The mantis transformer .as a Pray mantis and fighter mantis. this makes me strong will more than even especially after the hit of covid-19..this gives me gut. i agree


The link is below if interested .for me. i already buy some pieces for many families .which all are ok in weight or height .

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