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HIGHWING Folding E-bike E6 14"

HIGHWING Folding E-bike E6 14"

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HIGHWING Folding E-bike E6

    This is most compacted e-bike ever for backpack or traveling for all age and height ,it is a real-life transformer as well .With the best quality of parts and fashion design . It is most poplular bike for all commuting and sport.

Bring on BUS & METRO & PLANE

The SMALLIST folding bicycle and most compact in the world! For metro or bus or best mate for the car can be dragged like a suitcase also smallest after folding which can be put in the trunk of the car for many pcs for all families exercise anytime anywhere or in a backpack for traveling.

with Slogan: save money, save the earth, save ourselves .we have the mission of building better earth, better body shape better health for the people as out goal while developing such people can exercise anytime anywhere and make up the habit first .particually this is a very small item and cool but for the adult which looks cute so people will be more willing to lose weight or do more exercise, if so we will be very happy if you can give us feedback of how much weight you lost. 


normally people have some confusion when decide to take this bicycle: this bicycle strong enough for an adult particularly if I am a little overweight?

A: this is designed under the standard of bicycle and all material is used as best aluminum for wielding, normally people at 200bs will be totally no issue. but if more than that for sure this cycle is not for performance, still will be under press particularly tires etc, but as normally riding that is totally ok fast can this cycle be ? is that very slow 

A: at most of the beginning people will have the first thinking that this cycle is slow because it is small, but the truth is we design it with special gear and methods and the speed can achieve to 15km/h  as normal smooth ride as average speed even fast can be 40km when down to the hill. while most of the big wheel bicycle are the same or even slower than  Highwing bike under the test .if for the truth, Highwing bike is even better than much other single speed big wheel cycle by the opinion of buyers it would be good enough if you do not go out for mountain bike riding. the advantage is also when riding an uphill highwing bike is bit better experience than much single speed big wheel .but we confess that Highwing bike is not compatible to the mountain bike which is particularly designed for the mountain but the highwing bike is designed for the city daily exercise or commuting riding Highwing bike comfortable coz it seems very weird to ride such a small gadget.

A:the truth is, we already thought of such issue at the most of beginning of design, yes, it would take you  5 minutes to adjust to such bicycle ,but very soon you will feel loving it coz also experience is totally different.according to the body shape, joint position , touching point of hands, butt,foot we designed it totally under ergonomics and the simulating of computer so you will feel exactly the same when riding coz the gravity is exactly the same as well in the middle of the two-wheel point like big there is nothing to worry about, many users are very surprised when riding Highiwng bike as experience but we also suggest that the distance between two wheels is a little bit shorter than the normal you need to adjust few minutes when braking. take few more minutes of patients to learn how to brake, as the riding of the rule. we strongly request and suggest that no matter what bike you ride you should take the rear wheel brake first particularly Highwing bike

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Customer Reviews

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Like it!

The bike could easily be scratched but overall I like the bike. I wish the batteries for the ebike could be upgraded. It's really hard to pedal when batteries are down.

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