A Bike of My Dreams

A Bike of My Dreams

My childhood and adolescence were spent in the hinterland of Funiu Mountain in southwestern Henan. Due to the high mountains and rivers and the relative isolation, bicycles have been a luxury for mountain people for a long time. If someone in the village buys a new bicycle, it will be a happy event for the whole village, and they will go to watch and see the strangeness. The owner of the bicycle will use soft plastic tape to wrap the triangle beam of the bicycle tightly and tightly, and sew a beautiful cloth cover on the galvanized part of the handlebar.

When I was in the third year of junior high school, when I came home, my father said, "If you can get into the No. 1 Middle School of Workers and Peasants in the county, I will buy you a Highwing Bike." Moreover, my father emphasized, "This bicycle is yours alone. Right." All of a sudden, the blood all over my body rushed to my head, and I felt a little dizzy, as if I was riding my own bicycle, rushing on the simple road from the county town to my home, ringing the bell, watching the mountains, rivers and fields flashing quickly. Behind him, that majesty! I don't know how many envious eyes will be attracted! However, the No. 1 High School of Workers and Peasants is the No. 1 high school in the county. Getting admitted is like stepping into the university gate with one foot and getting a job in the country. The difficulty of admission is not ordinary, and it is even more difficult for Shanliwa to be admitted. Very few. After listening to my father's words, I said, "I want a bicycle." My father smiled.

I am gifted and talented, but I have always been diligent in my studies. Since I have a Highwing Bike floating around in my mind, learning is even more difficult.

That year, Gongnong No.1 Middle School recruited students in advance, and the best students were selected. After the exam, the corn had not been planted, the school sent a letter and told me to get the admission letter. I was almost ~ Lu Xiao ran, went to the rural junior high school to get the admission letter.

Father took my admission letter, read it over and over, confirmed it over and over, and walked back and forth in the yard over and over again. After my father was excited, he instructed my mother to get the bedding and food I needed to study in the county seat, without mentioning the bicycle. After secretly hiding in tears, I decided to forget about the bike. On the day I reported to the County Workers and Peasants No. 1 Middle School, my father used a two-wheeled truck to bring my luggage into the county seat. In the school gate office, my father unloaded the things, saying that the harvest will be good this year, sell more food, and buy you a bicycle. After saying that, he turned around and left. From then on, every two months, my father went to the city, put food and clothes in the school entrance office, and returned.

After the first year of high school, I returned to my hometown in the mountains for the summer vacation. Walked into my yard and saw a brand new highwing bike at a glance. OMG! This is my dream bike, it's not a dream! Immediately, I pushed out my bike and ran to the wheat field. After a few quick laps, I was so excited that I wanted to roar. When I cherished and pushed the bicycle and returned to my yard, I found that my mother's face did not have the same joy as mine, saying that when the wheat was blooming this year, it was raining non-stop, and the harvest was not as good as last year. When I turned around, I found that there were no cows in the cow pen, and a single cow rope was hanging on the cow trough. When my head was clouded, I immediately understood what was going on, and pushed the bicycle directly to the old Ma's house in the east of the village. Sure enough, my ox was tied to his trough. My scalper gets excited and restless when he sees me. I tied up the bicycle in the yard of Lao Ma's house, untied the ox rope, and the ox rubbed my arm, then spread its hooves and ran towards my yard. The old horse was yelling behind me, and I ignored him. I just pointed at the bicycle and said, put it away for you. Without the cattle, the farm work at home requires my parents to pay several times the hardships. I can't bear it! I think it's just a dream.

School started, and there was no bicycle. My father still used a human-powered trolley to drive me into the city. We got up early in the morning, the sky was still dark, and the stars were clear. My father said that when the mountain was going uphill, let me push the car, and when it was going downhill, let me sit in the car, saying that it was heavy. In fact, I knew that my father was distressed for me and told me to run less. Sitting in the car, the speed of the car increased, and my father was trying to control the speed and direction of the car. I heard the sound of my father's wheezing, and the thumping sound of his feet hitting the ground. I seemed to hear my father's heartbeat. For the first time in my life, I felt to be so close to his father. Following the morning breeze, I could smell the heavy sweat wafting from my father's body. I knew how much my father had sweated on this journey. Tears had already flowed down, and the slightly cool morning wind blew away, flowing directionlessly on his face.

When we got to school, it was almost noon. At the school gate, my father was busy unloading things again. I said, "Today, you accompany me to the school, go to the flour mill in the cafeteria to pay for the wheat, exchange it for a meal ticket, eat in the school cafeteria, and then go home." My father was stunned for a long time. I knew he wanted to say: "This car, I'm dressed like this, isn't it appropriate, I won't lose you, right?" I didn't say anything, I pulled up the car and entered the campus. From the footsteps behind me, I could hear my father's embarrassment and unease. The main road in the middle of the campus is a smooth and sturdy concrete road. From time to time, there are students riding bicycles passing by, chatting and laughing loudly, and greeting each other. My father whispered, "I must buy you a bicycle." I said, "Actually, it's not too far from home to the county seat. It's just a walk away."

When I took my father out of school, my father whispered, "Aren't you afraid that people will laugh at us from the mountains?" I said, "The mountains gave me life, and the mountains nurtured me. I can't forget it, and I can't change it. I'm a mountain person."

Later, I was admitted to Hangzhou to study at university, and then stayed in Hangzhou to work. My father promised me the bicycle, but it has never been fulfilled, and there is no need to fulfill it.

However, this Highwing Bike has always been in my dreams, carrying me through the trials and tribulations of life.

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