A bike with a mission

A bike with a mission

Seeing that some of our boys were playing together on the street again, Mr. Li called us over. Mr. Li is our head teacher. He looks like he is in his thirties or forties. According to his seniority, I have to call him grandpa. Seeing the entrance exam, it's time to work hard. Every effort you make now lays the foundation for your future path. After walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around again. This year, the admission rate of Wangcun Middle School is very low. I will reward him with this highwing bicycle if you can pass the test.

Have fun with us. I don't quite understand what Mr. Li said before, what is the road and foundation, but I still understand the latter. The acceptance rate is the ratio between the number of applicants and the number of candidates, that is to say, the number of candidates divided by the number of applicants, the result is how many candidates can be admitted. The larger the number, the lower the admission rate. Not bad right. Then there is the highwing bicycle that Mr. Li mentioned. Mr. Li's bicycle is unusual. Among my classmates, only Xiaolong's family has such a bicycle. His father is a public family who carries an iron rice bowl until the end of the month. Although Mr. Li's bicycle is only half-new, it is always wiped clean. The matte black color, the exquisite body, and the compact body that can fit into the trunk of three cars when folded are all enviable, the most wonderful. Or the foldable grip, which is also an important reason for the compactness of this car. But I didn't dare to touch this beautiful guy, for fear that it would be damaged and the family would not be able to pay for it.

I also have a bicycle at home, but it's an old and heavy type. I'm fourteen years old, and I don't have much chance to ride it, because my father always rides it to sell vegetables, or to sell other things, it's to support the family tool.

Mr. Li really didn't tease us. The next day after school at noon, he repeated what he said yesterday in front of the whole class, all the students who can be admitted to Wangcun Middle School, I will reward a bicycle like this. Wangcun Middle School is a famous school in our area. The teaching team is neat, the study is rigorous, and the rate of students entering higher schools is high. People are proud to be admitted to this middle school.

The day before the exam, you need to go to the exam room to familiarize yourself with the environment. Wangcun is more than ten miles away from us. Teacher Li told us to ride a bicycle and pay attention to safety on the road. A teacher led the way. After Teacher Li broke, our students were caught in the middle, and the cycling team embarked on the journey.

My father objected to me riding a bicycle. Even though my bicycle was very old, my father regarded it as a treasure. I knew that my father did not trust my technology. When I was learning to drive, my performance was really terrible. I often smashed my father's old car, and my father always said that I didn't know how to cherish it. Learning to drive is a kind of torture for me. After giving up several times and picking it up, I finally managed to get on the road after being beaten, but it was my first time on the main road.

Our queue was very long, there were not many pedestrians and vehicles on the road, and our convoy took up most of the road. As summer approaches, although the afternoon sun is very strong, the big poplar trees on both sides of the road do their best to open huge umbrellas for us, and the leaves also applaud for us under the inspiration of the breeze. The students were very excited, like little birds out of their cages. Some of them had good skills and simply played car tricks and performed all kinds of flower work.

Affected by it, I couldn't help but learn the big handlebar, but I didn't have the ability to control it further. It stopped on the tree, and the car fell and I fell heavily. When I got up and looked at my bicycle again, the handlebars were crooked and the chain fell off. The hardest thing to imagine was that the valve seat of the tire was broken. This is not a bicycle, but a pile of scrap iron.

Because of my episode, the team behind stopped, Mr. Li caught up and shook his head when he saw my embarrassment. Fortunately, I ran into a horse-drawn carriage pulling chemical fertilizers from our village. Mr. Li asked him to help bring my broken car home. Let me take you. I got on Mr. Li's highwing bike, and I deprived myself of the right to ride.

On the second day of the exam, it was still Mr. Li who took me to and fro.

Maybe this bike had a special effect, but the unpleasantness on the road inspired me to fight in the test room. I became the only student in this village who was admitted to Wangcun Middle School this year, which just eased my father's anger, otherwise he would not forgive me for another injury to the bicycle.

Mr. Li and the principal came to my house to deliver the admission letter, and Mr. Li pushed his bicycle.

I have to keep my promise, this bike will accompany you on your way to study in the future. Of course I liked it, but my father refused. How can I ask for such a precious gift from you, my father rubs his hands together, little child, a good car is not much use, my family's Xiu Xiu just let him ride it.

I made a promise in front of my children, and I can't break my promise.

That doesn't work either, it's too expensive to have.

Listen to me this time, the car must be accepted, I will do what I say, or I will be sorry for the child. Teacher Li is a little anxious.

Teacher, we understand what you want, but we really can't ask for it.

That's it, you have to use it when you go to school. Let your child ride it first, even if you lend it to you. Later, when you earn more money, you can buy a new car for your child and return it to Mr. Li. The principal came forward to round the field.

When I first entered Wangcun Middle School, this bicycle became my temporary means of transportation. Sunrise and sunset accompanied by wind and rain, seeing things and people, this kind of companionship has gone beyond the bicycle itself. I finally mastered the cycling technique, and I cherished it as much as Mr. Li, and wiped it clean and refreshing every day. After selling the surplus food at home, my father also bought me a used bicycle, similar in style to Mr. Li's.

My father asked me to return Mr. Li's bicycle. As soon as I entered the door, I called. Teacher Li walked out of the kitchen with a smile. He was wearing an apron and his hands were covered. I heard my wife still talking in the room, telling you to be brave and punishing you to cook every day.

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