Bicycles become electric vehicles in seconds

Bicycles become electric vehicles in seconds

Kits purchased on the internet are enough to turn an ordinary mountain bike into a motorcycle. This was done by a boy from Collegno, however, he made up for the 6000 fine and confiscated his craft vehicle. The 18 year old bought a tank and an engine online and mounted them on a bike frame, hooked them up like a real mechanic, thanks again for the tutorials I found online riding his unauthorized motorcycle The car, however, was stopped by the municipal police di Collegno, who noticed from a distance the vehicle that would never be able to circulate on the road. They stopped him near the park exit Dalachiesa. The fine was also high because of the fact that the young man was riding a car with an engine and should have a driver's license and insurance, but he didn't.

This reminds me of a bicycle called highwing. The all-aluminum alloy body can bear 180kg. This bicycle can also be easily converted into an electric vehicle, and can be connected to a gyroscope for intelligent control. The modification process only requires It can be done in a few steps, and the replacement of the front wheel is a big step.

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