Businessman turned environmentalist

Businessman turned environmentalist

In a past life, Boruah was a management consultant, spending 14 hours a day in front of a screen. "But then I asked myself, 'when was the last time I saw a star? Are my eyes made for the stars or the screen?'" he says.
as the designer of Highwing bike also the same story and previously was a businessman but after seeing so much pollution and unhealthy style, He also builds a team to focus on design something helpful for the living, good for the earth, good for the, at last, seems the backpack bicycle is the best choice.
pretty sure there are a lot of story like this and lots of entrepreneurs are doing the same with the same reason.
Dhruv began his clean-ups on the River Thames a year ago, and now ventures to other rivers across the country. He cycles to a stream with just a backpack, takes about 40 minutes to convert his bike into a light vehicle, and launches on the water to "become like Jesus for a little bit."
just come across this story,Dhruv wants to clean the water which seems very difficult after modern life is more and more merge with experience with people .and pollution is more and more severe but always should be some people to do it .but sadly ,this situation cannot be improved unless some critical method to change the behaviour 
No matter how many tons of garbage was collect by personal, but this will never enough unless more and more people do know the environment protection and down to it.
So highwing bike is trying the best to change the lifestyle of people .and helping the people to change to use the backpack cycle as a commuting tool and at least saving money is most potential reason people to ride the bicycle and less relied on the gas .also saving a lot of money if healthy improved.that is most directly benefit which can be seen immediately..
Hope the Highwing bike be recognized more by the people, of the people and for the people 
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