Folding Bike advantages: 5 Reasons To Think Twice

Folding Bike advantages: 5 Reasons To Think Twice

The Advantages of a Folding Bike


One of the most upsetting things that can happen to a cyclist is having their bicycle stolen.

For many city dwelling cyclists they purchase multiple locks and have an intricate system to keep their bicycle secure while locked outside.

Many bike commuters don’t have the luxury of bringing a full size bicycle into their office space to keep an eye on it while they work.

Others, like me for many years, had to leave their bicycle locked up outside at night, because there wasn’t space inside their home. In fact, both of the bicycles that have been stolen from me were outside when it happened. A lock is a deterrent from thieves, but not guaranteed to keep your bike safe.

One of the huge advantages of a folding bike is that you can keep it with you. Even if you live in a small apartment or work in a small cubicle you can find a place for a folded bike. Tuck it in the corner or place it under your desk.

One of Highwing Bike’s folding bikes sizes at 11.81″ x 11.81″ x 27.5″ while folded. No longer will you need to worry if your bike will be stolen, because it can keep close to you.



When I first hear about folding bikes I thought they were a gimmick.

A quick idea that a businessman had come up with to sell lots of product. This false perception of folding bikes also made me assume that they must be poorly made.

I couldn’t be farther off. Brompton, Dahon, Highwing Bike are all bike manufacturers who produced high quality, top of the line bikes. Their folding bikes are no different. Depending on the folding bike they are made of aluminum, chromaly steel, and titanium.


Easy to Fold

Folding bikes are designed to be folded. While each company takes a different approach to their folding design they’re all easy to learn and quick to do. Folding and unfolding these bikes won’t require magic. Most folding bikes can be folded within 30 seconds or less.



Each bike company has a different design and method to getting their bikes to fold, but the end result is the same. Folding bikes are made to transform from a fully functioning bicycle to a modest size.

The compact shape of a folding bike makes them easy to store when not in use. We wrote an entire article giving tips on how to store a fully sized bike while at work, because many commuters were struggling to find a place to securely store their bike.

This just isn’t a problem with folding bikes. Fold it up and put it in a closet or under your desk. They take up very little space.


Easy to Transport

Folding bikes have opened the possibility to bike commute for thousands of people.

Many people are open to riding a bike as a commuter, but the distance they would need to pedal was too far or would take too long. One of the positive aspects of folding bikes is that you can ride them to a nearby bus, train, or metro and fold it up to bring it on board.

It’s a nuisance to do this with a full size bicycle, but a folding bike makes it easy. People are choosing folding bikes, because a commute to work can be done partly on the bike and partly via public transportation.

Not only can you carry them by hand, but folding bikes are easy to transport in a car trunk or in an overhead bin of a plane. Hoping to go for a ride on a business trip, but you can’t bring your full-size bike with you? Pack up your folding bike and you’ll be able to pedal while you’re on your trip.


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