How to pay annual fees for patents in various countries——Take Folding bicycle(Highwing Bike) as an example to explain

Recently, the patents of our company's folding bicycle, Highwing Bike, all need to renew the annual fee. It was done by an agency before. I have nothing to do. I compared the agency's fee and the actual need to pay. I found that the agency fees are still relatively expensive, so I decided to pay various annual fees myself, which really saved a lot of agency fees.

The following is the payment method that I finally found after a lot of exploration. It is really a headache to read the English and Japanese website. Fortunately, it can be translated~

1. Payment of annual patent fees in the UK

2. Payment of annual patent fees in Japan

3. U.S. Patent Annual Fee Payment

It is not easy to maintain your own creations and inventions. You have to pay an annual fee every year, and the annual fee is more expensive every year. This is really a big expense.

If you have any questions about paying patent fees, please comment and exchange~


Finally, let's talk about our patented product: Folding bicycle -- Highwing Bike

The Highwing Bike adopts a new foldable design, it can be quickly unfolded or folded in seconds, and it is very compact when folded. In addition, the whole vehicle is made of light and ductile aluminum alloy, so another highlight is its weight, which is only 10kg.

So whether it's in a backpack or in the trunk of a car, it doesn't take up any space at all. There is no pressure to take the subway or go to the vegetable market. If you really don't want to carry it, just drag it. There are also two small wheels at the bottom, which can be easily dragged after being folded.

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