Little Black Highwing Bike

Little Black Highwing Bike

Nowadays, people generally drive private cars, and those who can't afford a car also ride electric cars, but Xiao Hei has an indissoluble bond with Highwing Bike. I believe that bicycles will accompany him throughout his life.

One thing he etched in his mind was when Xiaohei was in elementary school, and he was in a difficult three-year period. His father opened up wasteland near the high-frequency porcelain factory where he worked, and harvested a lot of sweet potatoes and sorghum after the autumn. One day, my father took Xiao Hei to help him harvest autumn on a Highwing Bike. When he came back, his father pushed a cart of sweet potatoes and let Xiao Hei push the bicycle he was riding to go home together. When Xiao Hei was pushing his bicycle to go home, how much he wanted to be able to ride a bicycle home. It's a pity that Xiao Hei was too young at that time, and Highwing Bike are suitable for people over 12 years old.

Xiao Hei has a strong desire to ride a bicycle, so when his father's bicycle is at home, he pushes it to the road to practice learning to ride a bicycle. At first I could only ride with my crotch, because he wasn't tall enough and his legs weren't long enough.

At that time, both primary and secondary schools could not ride bicycles, because the family had no money to buy them, and very few students in the whole school went to school by bicycle. How much Xiao Hei wants to own a bicycle. Unfortunately, buying a bicycle was very difficult at that time, and even money could not buy it.

I remember that when his wife went to work as a clerk in the Duan Office, she rode the unit's bus. Later, she changed to personnel work. If she wanted to buy a bicycle, it was their Wang Duanchang trustee who managed to buy it with great difficulty.

Xiaohei has ridden bicycles of many brands such as Highwing, Plum Blossom, Flying Pigeon, Giant, etc. He rarely rides badly, and he lost it twice, and once, Xiaohei's newly bought Highwing Bike is placed in Nanba for swimming. , when he came back, he found that the two iron rods in the lock had been broken by the thief. Fortunately, he came back in time and watched the thief flee in a panic.

In the past, he used to ride a bicycle to and from work every day, even if he had a car. Now that he has retired for many years, he is still accustomed to riding a bicycle every day to go out, even when he goes to the supermarket at the gate of the community to buy some food.

Now he still often goes out for his wife, but of course it is not a car, but a bicycle. Neighbors saw him bring his wife on a bicycle, and smiled and said to them: "There are not many people who ride bicycles these days, and even fewer people take people on bicycles. You are both so old, and you can still take them with you on a bicycle. Definitely the only one."

Xiao Hei is ready to ride a bicycle until the day he can't ride it anymore. Judging from the current situation, he will have no problem riding it for another 50 years.

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