McDonald's faces a shortage of French fries in Japan

McDonald's faces a shortage of French fries in Japan

Due to the global supply chain crisis, McDonald's, the world's largest fast food company, suffered a chip shortage in Japan.

For the hometown of the Big Mac, although it is not the lack of semiconductors that causes the problem.

The company stated that there was a delay in the shipment of potatoes used to make its famous French fries.

Therefore, from Friday to December 30th, it will only sell a small portion of French fries in Japan.

"McDonald's Japan will temporarily restrict the sale of medium and large French fries as a positive measure to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy McDonald's French fries.

"Customers can still order small-size French fries in all our restaurants. So far, there has been no interruption in supply," the company told the BBC.

McDonald's said the potatoes it uses are usually imported from a port near Vancouver, Canada.

However, due to the impact of floods and pandemics on the global supply chain, ships are facing delays.

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