Missy Elliot Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets & How She Got That Amazing Glow

When Missy Elliot first song was out, she was a superstar, who was plus sized. But soon she realized that double chin is not good for red carpet. So, she decided to work on it and shed 30 pounds. The hip-hop artist has always looked great, but earlier this week she posted some of her weight loss photos on social media and draws everyone’s attention.

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She looks fit and glowing. She said she had made some changes in her regular diet and it really paid her off.


She was diagnosed by thyroid disorder in 2008 but she managed it through exercise and diet and also go through treatment. She posted, “It’s been 4 months that I have only drunk water and no other fluids like soda and juices. I drank 8 regular sized glass of water daily.

 have cut down my bread and it’s been very hard for me. I was never a water drinker, but now it has restored my skin glow back and I feel amazing about my skin. I need to cut down my Junk Food, but it’s my weakness. But I will fight for it and try to come down to 2 cupcakes per month.”




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