Naked farmers in Tassie go naked to promote openness for mental health

If you can bravely expose what is under your clothes, then maybe you can bravely expose what is hidden deep in your heart.

This is the basic concept of The Naked Farmer, to expose everything and share everything for better mental health.

The idea of the naked farmer started in Victoria in 2017 and now inspires farmers in Northwest Tasmania to produce a veritable calendar.

This is a rare way to promote mental health. This method is not suitable for most people. My friends around me choose to go out and ride a bicycle called highwing bike to promote physical and mental health. Riding a bicycle to maintain physical and mental health is also a problem. The scientific community has proven to be effective. The highwing bike is the smallest bike in the world after being folded. It can be carried into subways, airplanes and various public transportation facilities.

highwing bike

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