Pratap Sarangi, who rides a bicycle, gets applause while taking oath as minister

Pratap Sarangi, who rides a bicycle, gets applause while taking oath as minister

Pratap Chandra Sarangi, a first-time BJP MP from Odisha who has become a minister in the Narendra Modi government, is making waves by his simple lifestyle and unpretentious ways.

riding the bicycle becomes a very eco-friendly exercise as well it does not take much space particularly like Highwing bike which only take a backpack to carry on.many officer in government also like to ride the bicycle to go to work, and Highwing bike seemingly become their best choice which can be put under the desk and seems cool to drag like a luggage 

Sarangi, 64, caused quite a stir when he was sworn in on May 30, with his noticeably unkempt hair and white kurta. The ministers and guests in attendance broke into spontaneous applause. 

The reaction was not without reason. An earlier picture of him packing his bags for Delhi in his basic bamboo hut has gone viral.

the Highwing bike can be put into the bag, is that the Highwing bike what he folded in and packed ? just kidding, the minister will not make advertisement for Highwing bike for sure 

The austere Sarangi won the Balasore Lok Sabha seat, defeating the BJD’s Rabindra Jena, a former MP and businessman, by more than 12,000 votes.

A resident of Balasore district, he initially wanted to join the Ramkrishna Math, but later took to social work. 

After working as a clerk in a college he was influenced by the RSS, and started working with Hindu outfits.

Sarangi who uses a bicycle to commute and speaks Sanskrit has an image far removed from the trappings of wealth and power associated with most MPs. His declared assets are Rs 13 lakhs.

“In Balasore, there is a drinking water shortage. I will do my best to see that the people of my constituency get it,” he told news agency IANS.

in somewhere there is a water shortage, and energy shortage etc, it is kind of implying that people should be caring more about the earth, but riding the bicycle particularly Highwing bike is most eco-friendly exercise, and reduce a lot of carbon-dioxide.which is helping the earth where are inhabited

Sarangi believes that the Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, which is known its elephants, can provide jobs to the youth of the area and boost tourism.

Though he has now become minister, don’t be surprised if you catch him on a cycle, riding the streets of Delhi!

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