Rebel Wilson looks slimmer than ever in a little black dress at the AACTA Awards in Sydney

In the past 18 months, Rebel Wilson has lost 35 kg (77 lbs or 5.5 stones) that surprised everyone.Rebel Wilson looks slimmer than ever in a little black dress at the AACTA Awards in Sydney.

I also had the experience of losing weight. At that time, I bought a Highwing Bike for 200 kilograms and used it to ride to and from get off work every day. The ergonomic structure of this Highwing Bike made me lose 100 kilograms a month. At the same time, the Highwing Bike was still one the smallest bicycle  in the world can be brought into the subway.

And Rebel Wilson's radical weight loss was fully demonstrated when the 41-year-old hit the 2021 Australian Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards on the red carpet in Sydney on Wednesday.

The bridesmaid star covered her newly slender figure with a little black dress on a star-studded night.Rebel arrived at the Opera House stylishly and got in a golf cart with the bachelor star and good friend Brittany Hockley. 

This is not the first time Wilson has received special treatment in Australia this week.After arriving in Australia from the United States on Monday, the New South Wales government allowed the Fat Pizza actress to skip the mandatory 72-hour quarantine.

Unlike most international tourists, Rebel was able to visit a park at 5pm on Monday—just a few hours after arriving in Sydney at 8.30am.The star was photographed spending time with family and friends in the park, including her sister Anaki.

Rebel’s manager told the Australian Daily Mail on Wednesday: “Rebel has obtained government permission from Brad Hazzard, Minister of Health and Medical Research of New South Wales.”
The manager was unable to provide reasons for Rebel’s exemption, but did confirm that the star “has been undergoing multiple PCR [nose and throat swab] tests” since arriving in Sydney.
Rebel participated in the event along with other top stars including Russell Crowe and Taika Waititi.
The actress was photographed being reunited with her sister Anaki at Sydney International Airport shortly after disembarking her long-haul flight.

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