Ride a Highwing Bike home for Chinese New Year

Ride a Highwing Bike home for Chinese New Year

At my house, there is a Highwing Bike . It is parked on the balcony of the home. In our case, the bicycle is a must-have means of transportation for every household. People ride it to work, to school, and to go out.

The Highwing Bike was bought by my father for work. Father has a bicycle, which saves us the pain of squeezing the car when we go home.

For a while, my father rode it all the time, and took my mother and I to visit relatives and friends one after another... Every time the new year was over, my mother packed up the New Year's materials, and my father cheered up the car and washed it. Liang, a family of three rode a bicycle to go home for the New Year together.

Recalling the scene of riding a bicycle home for Chinese New Year, the winter at that time was not as warm as it is now, and the sun was still shining brightly in three or nine days. It often snows heavily with goose feathers, and the road is very slippery. I wear a thick scarf, and my eyebrows are white. When riding a bicycle, if you are not careful when going downhill, you will fall on your back. In that environment, my father took us with us. Although there are many difficulties, the goal of returning home is clear, and I am used to it. Maybe life is the same, so lets grow through training.

Bicycles accompanied my father through spring, summer, autumn and winter, and my father also regarded bicycles as treasures. Back then, in order to learn how to ride a bike, I always borrowed a car from my father. After I dropped my father's "baby" many times, I also joined the torrent of cycling. I could ride a bicycle across the city from a young age. , enjoy the scenery along the street.

I remember one day in 2021, my wife and I went to the movies at night, also riding bicycles. I rode in the front and my lover sat in the back with his arms around my waist. Later, when I had a son, I rode a bicycle, and my wife sat in the back with my son in my arms. The family of three also formed a very warm picture.

Today, the roads in the city are getting wider and wider, but the roads for bicycles are getting narrower and narrower. Cars, motorcycles, and electric vehicles have replaced bicycles, but bicycles, the original street goods, have become increasingly rare.

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