Some Apple employees plan to strike on Christmas Eve because of working conditions

This year, we saw Apple employees talk publicly about their negative experiences with the company and publicly advocate for change in ways we have never seen before. After the strong #AppleToo movement formed earlier this year, the organization has continued to grow, and the latest effort is to strike on Christmas Eve.

Zoë Schiffer, previously organized under AppleToo, discovered that "Apple Together" shared a call to action for Apple employees and Apple customers on Twitter this afternoon.

Although most of Apple's employees will be on Christmas Eve/Christmas weekend, many of Apple's retail and AppleCare employees plan to work.

As shown in the picture above, Apple Together requires better working conditions, including a respectful workplace, paid sick leave, frontline protection, and appropriate mental health care.

Although the goal is to make all Apple employees go on strike / dispatch, Apple Together also requires customers not to shop at Apple on Christmas Eve.

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