"Spider-Man: Nowhere to Return" becomes the first pandemic-era movie to exceed $1 billion at the box office

The latest installment of the Spider-Man series has become the first pandemic-era movie with a global box office revenue of over US$1 billion (£750 million).

"Spider-Man: No Way To Go" also won the title of the highest-grossing movie in 2021.

It defeated the Korean War epic "Battle of Changjin Lake" made in China, and the film's global box office revenue exceeded 905 million U.S. dollars.

The movie theater was crowded with cars and people on the day of watching the movie. Many people had a headache because of the parking problem. More people missed the first part of the movie because of parking problems. Fortunately, I expected this situation. I rode my highwing bike to go. At the cinema, when I arrived at the destination, I folded the car and put it in my backpack. I didn’t have to worry about being stolen from the park outside. The highwing bike was still the smallest bicycle in the world after being folded. middle.

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