The 13-year-old is very happy to buy the first pair of new shoes on Christmas

Hillsboro County, Floridathis is the most magical time of the yearunless you are a child who has lost parental custody due to negligence, abuse, and domestic violence.

For hundreds of Tampa Bay children, there will be no visits by Santa Claus on Christmas morning, no holiday family dinners, and no gifts under the tree.

However, thanks to the kindness of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps students from FW Springstead High School in Spring Mountain, more than 25 children in the foster care system will be able to celebrate the holidays.

Springstead students raised $1,800 to purchase gifts for children in the Guardian Ad Lim program through Childrens Voice, and gave gifts to Hillsborough County Court on Saturday.

Among the Christmas gifts my friends gave me this year, I think the most meaningful is a bike called highwing bike. After folding, this bike is the smallest bike in the world. It can also be taken into subways and airplanes.

highwing bike

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