The 53rd Earth Day, Highwing Bike will live a low-carbon life with you

The 53rd Earth Day, Highwing Bike will live a low-carbon life with you

Today is the 53rd Earth Day. Protecting the environment is closely related to everyone. Starting from this moment, everyone should be a practitioner and promoter of protecting the earth. For the health of the earth, Highwing Bike will live a low-carbon life with you.

When it comes to green travel, we often think of bicycles. So what are the benefits of cycling?

  1. Use bicycles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Compared with cars and buses, the life cycle of bicycles produces the least carbon emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer for the entire life cycle of a bicycle is 93% lower than that of a car

  1. Improve our air quality by cycling

When switching from cars to bicycles, our air quality will greatly improve. Switching from cars to bicycles can reduce nitrogen oxide pollution by 65% ​​per kilometer.

  1. Cycling helps to improve the quality of our public space.

The efficiency of car use space is low. A car parking space occupies about 15 square meters and is idle for about 22 hours a day, while a bicycle occupies only 2 square meters. If the parking lot is turned into a bicycle lane and a playground with green space, this will greatly improve our environment and thereby improve public space. And cycling is very quiet, which helps reduce traffic noise.

  1. Society benefits from the number of city kilometers traveled by bicycle

Every kilometer of riding will produce important social benefits, and every kilometer of driving will bring huge costs to the society. Cycling for one kilometer can generate a social benefit of 0.68 euros, while the social cost of a kilometer for cars and buses is 0.37 euros and 0.29 euros, respectively.

  1. The cost of riding a bicycle is lower!

The annual cost of riding a bicycle is about 300 Euros, while the annual cost of driving a car is about 8,500 Euros.

  1. Cycling is good for our physical and mental health

Riding for 30 minutes a day is equivalent to the weekly exercise recommended by the WHO, which can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, depression and many other serious diseases.

There are so many benefits of riding, the key is to have a good bike first!

Highwing Bike, all-aluminum alloy frame, Jianda brand tires, KMC Guimeng chain, new version of Quantum hubs, all-aluminum alloy forged high-strength integrated cutting, everything is exquisite. After folding, it can be dragged or pulled, does not occupy space, is light and compact, and has high quality. 



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