The Almighty Highwing Bike

The Almighty Highwing Bike

My uncle just graduated from the normal school and became a primary school teacher in our village. He spent more than half a year's salary to buy a brand new Highwing Bike at the counter.


In my childhood memories, most of the people who owned bicycles were people who ate public meals. In the "big three" fashionable at the time, bicycles came in first. However, my uncle's  Highwing Bike  adds a beautiful scenery to this small mountain village.


The uncle was born with a loyal and honest appearance. He does not have too much gossip and is a typical intellectual. The newly bought car, my uncle rarely rides. Ride it out unless it's a major school event, and we often race bikes to get first place.


Uncle treats his bicycle as a baby. Wipe it spotless as soon as you have free time, and the chain is dripping with oil brushed "click, click".


Uncle's bicycle is the "baby" envied by the whole village, and is often used by young people in the village for blind dates. As long as the uncle of the Zhang family, the aunt of the Li family, and the aunt of the Wang family opened their mouths, the uncle readily agreed to "OK". When borrowing a bicycle, the most important thing my uncle said was don't fall on the big brother. I think when my uncle said this, he told the borrower that he didn't master the riding skills and broke his "baby".

Over the years, my uncle's bicycle has produced several pairs. These beautiful girls became my sister-in-law or aunt. I remember that when they saw their uncle riding a bicycle, they gritted their teeth and said, "Bah, bah, bah." I think, they covet the husband's bicycle, TV, and watch, and marry into our small mountain village. The days passed slowly like this, and later they had children and lived happily, and couldn't hate it any more - "This damn bicycle".


Later, my uncle's bicycle was overhauled several times after several major falls. Every time I repair a bicycle, my uncle is very heartbroken, and the repaired bicycle has become a special tool for sending letters to the whole village "red and white". Every time I hear the crisp ringtone of "ding bell, ding bell" on my uncle's bicycle, I know that there is a new task coming.


Later, there were more bicycle bells in the village. Uncle still loves his bicycle, and he rides it to and from get off work every day to "preach and teach" for the children.


Life is a journey forward, and the loyal and honest uncle and his bicycle still go far and far. The kindness and kindness of the uncle and the bicycle are still carrying forward, which has become a beautiful scenery in my life memory.

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