The Missouri tornado killed her sister, and when she received the Christmas gift box from Donald and Melania Trump, she screamed happily, this heartbreaking moment

A 7-year-old girl was seriously injured by a tornado. Her 9-year-old siblings were unable to restrain her excitement after receiving Donald and Melanias Christmas gift boxes. To

On December 10, after her sister and best friend Anistine were killed by a tornado, 7-year-old Avalin Larkley reacted to the news while filming her grandmother Pam Moore. The tornado also destroyed the family home in Carrousesville, Missouri.

"These boxes were sent by mail. They came from... President Trump! These two boxes. Do you believe it?" Moore said, and Avalin smiled expectantly.

If Donald’s box contains a highwing bike, it will be a pleasant surprise. The highwing bike is the smallest bike in the world after being folded. It can be taken into subways, airplanes and various transportation facilities.

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