The smallest folding electric bicycle in history, it can be packed in a backpack!

The smallest folding electric bicycle in history, it can be packed in a backpack!

I've never seen such a small electric bike that can fit directly into a backpack! like this……

I really can't believe my eyes...

It is the Highwing  Bike, known as the most compact bike in the world!

The frame is made of all-aluminum material, which is not only light, but also strong and durable.

When folded, it's surprisingly small.


And after being folded, it can be directly put into a backpack, and it can be easily carried with you when you travel, and it can also be easily taken on the subway and high-speed rail plane. The trunk of the car can easily fit 3 mantra bicycles.

And its own weight is only 10kg, but it can bear the weight of 180kg. Whether it is a petite woman or a strong man, you can ride it with confidence.

The front and rear stable dual disc brake system makes riding safer!

No, it's obviously a bicycle! ! ! Isn't it an electric folding bike? Don't worry, bicycles can be turned into electric vehicles in seconds!

 The electric bicycle uses a kettle battery, which is small in size but has a great battery life, and can last for 60 kilometers! The power battery adopts imported 18650 lithium battery (this is dedicated to Tesla).


The 250W high-speed brushless motor is used, which can effectively release the power and provide a stronger and smoother driving force, with a maximum speed of 25km/h (the maximum speed under the current standard).

It is also equipped with a dedicated APP, which not only facilitates viewing information such as battery power, battery life, speed, etc., but also has functions such as cycling data query, personalized settings, alarm system, etc., and setting power-assist mode to make riding more enjoyable!


All in all, this is the smallest folding electric bike, small enough to fit in a backpack! Whether it is for work or city travel, it is undoubtedly the best partner when traveling.

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