They say disc brakes are good, but where are they better?

They say disc brakes are good, but where are they better?

On the road of pursuing bicycle safety, bicycles have entered the era of disc brakes. Many bicycle manufacturers have introduced safe disc brakes, and Highwing Bike is no exception.


The process of bicycle disc brakes being accepted is a long process. In 2015, disc brake road bikes were introduced to the World Tour, but the disc brakes caused a certain amount of damage in several crashes at that time, so many riders Suspended the use of disc brakes due to doubts about the safety of disc brakes. After nearly three years of hard work and updates, the disc brakes currently on the market have been accepted by many drivers. On July 1, 2018, UCI officially approved the use of disc brakes in World Tour competitions.

Why did bicycle disc brakes take almost three years to be accepted, so let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of disc brakes?

Advantage 1, the braking distance is short
The disc brake is braked by the caliper acting on the steel plate fixed on the hub, so its biggest advantage is that it can make the vehicle have better braking performance. Stability and flexibility, resulting in shorter braking distances, providing greater safety, and making long descents and cornering smoother.
Advantage two, more labor-saving
The pressing force required by the disc brake is small, and it only needs a light press to achieve sufficient braking force. When riding, pressing the brake will be faster, labor-saving and efficient. It will be more profound, and there will be no feeling of hand numbness.
Advantage 3. No wear and tear of the wheel set
Due to the braking structure of the bicycle disc brake itself, there is no need to worry about the wear of the wheel frame due to long-term braking, or even the phenomenon of burning the frame, thus greatly increasing the life of the wheel set.
Advantage 4. Good weather resistance
In rainy days, the disc brakes can still maintain the best braking performance. Since the brake system is not sealed, the fine wear of the brakes will not be deposited on the brakes. The centrifugal force of the disc brakes can cause all water, dust, etc. Throwing out to maintain a certain cleanliness, but also to maintain the best braking performance.

Disadvantage 1, heavy weight

From the structure of the bicycle disc brake, its weight will be a little heavier than other brake systems. Cars of the same style and level, with disc brakes, will be about 300-400g heavier than the rim brakes. This weight is mainly reflected in the disc brake wheel set.

Disadvantage 2, the structure is complex

The disc brake is composed of pads, oil pumps, brake discs, calipers, etc. connected to the wheels. In terms of control, it is also divided into wire-controlled and oil brakes. The high-pressure brake fluid pushes the brake pads to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect. It is a bit more complicated than other rim brakes.

Disadvantage three, not easy to maintain

Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of disc brakes. If the discs or brakes cause excessive wear of the pads, it may cause danger; the hydraulic disc brakes need to be exhausted when they are filled with oil, otherwise the hydraulic transmission will be affected. In addition, the disc brakes make the discs very close to the disc, which will rub against each other due to the deformation of the disc due to temperature or external force. If there are abnormal noises and other phenomena, it is difficult to adjust at this time. Even professional technicians sometimes have to adjust for a long time.

Disadvantage four, high price

Everyone knows that the same bike with disc brakes will be more expensive than other bikes with rim brakes. This is due to the variety of components made up of disc brakes. Of course, the price will be higher than that of rim brakes. .
Do you understand disc brakes now? No matter what braking system you use, you must put safety first. I hope everyone can ride happily on the road~

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