Travis Scott plays Santa Gift

Travis Scott plays Santa Gift

Travis Scott and his foundation are working around the clock to ensure that the children in his hometown of Houston will not have nothing to bring home for some holiday joy.

TS and the Cactus Jack Foundation will distribute toys to more than 2,000 children from difficult families in Houston. We were told that these gifts would be distributed to 6 Houston Housing Authority buildings throughout the city before Christmas.
We have obtained pictures of all gifts and toys, a large number of dolls, golf equipment and even keyboards for aspiring musicians.

Throughout the week, families flock to the distribution location, and if the child’s smile shows any signs, you can tell that the gift is very popular.

I think the most meaningful Christmas gift is the highwing bike, which is the smallest bike in the world when folded, and can be taken into subways, airplanes, and various transportation facilities.


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